5 Emotions Every Girl Goes Through When She Sees Ranbir Kapoor On Social Media!

Shreemi Verma , 21 Jan 2015
Ranbir Kapoor
Source: Instagram @ranbirka6000r

Ranbir Kapoor has made his debut on social media and the Internet is all set to break! I already know we’re soulmates because the first picture he posted was of coffee (Katrina Kaif who?) So here are five reactions I’m sure every girl (and maybe guy too) went through the moment they saw Ranbir hit Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine and Snapchat!

1) First you’re like OMG IS THIS HAPPENING?

Excited Gif
Source: Giphy.com

Is Ranbir Kapoor ACTUALLY on social media? Like a click away?

2) Then you’re like ‘Calm down, it’s cool, you’re gorgeous’.

Source: Giphy.com

You are Beyoncé.

3) After that you’ve decided to write a nice long comment for Facebook, declaring your love for this man.

Source: Giphy.com

I love you so much, it hurts.

4) Or tag him in an Instagram video, showing off your moves

Source: Giphy.com

Got the moves like Jagger!

5) Or write a short and sweet tweet to him, hoping that he will reply or RT!

Source: Giphy.com

A girl can wish okay!

Let’s see of our dreams come true, he is on for 6 hours. One can hope!

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