Here's A Roundup Of The Best Tweets On Arvind Kejriwal And Kiran Bedi's Face Off!

Shreemi Verma , 21 Jan 2015
Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi
Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi

As you must be knowing, the main guy of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) Arvind Kejriwal challenged his ex-party member and now shining star of BJP Kiran Bedi – to a public debate! They’re both in the running for the Chief Minister’s post in the capital and this seems to be a wonderful idea, just so that the public is aware of their respective plans regarding Delhi! The best part about this ‘might happen soon face-off‘ is that Bedi was a member and vocal supporter of Kejriwal before taking a U-Turn and joining BJP. Now she’s gone on record to call Prime Minister Modi the ‘sun‘ and party members ‘planets‘ surrounding him (Interstellar has had an effect on everyone), that’s why the Internet exploded (obviously) on the news of this debate and we collected the best tweets for you!

1) It all started here

Arvind Kejriwal
Source: Twitter @ArvindKejriwal

Ek tweet aapki zindagi badal sakti hai 

2) Barkha Dutt put her hat in the ring

barkha dutt
Source: Twitter @BDUTT

Why wouldn’t she? I’d kill to watch this live!

3) Hoezay I’m sure was referring to the tweets Bedi posted when she was an AAP member

Source: Twitter @HoeZay

Ouch, a lot of Modi bashing there…!

4) Azeem said what we all wanted to say!

Azeem Banatwala
Source: Twitter @TheBanat

HOW INSANE WILL A RAP BATTLE BE! I can already imagine it!

5) Ashish made this whole thing sound like an episode of The Americans

Ashish Shakya
Source: Twitter @stupidmaximus

Or Hero – Love Story Of A Spy. Take your pick.

This is how Sunny Deol looked in that movie BTW.

Sunny Deol
Sunny Deol

6) AIB obviously needed a new sketch

All India Bakchod
Source: Twitter @AllIndiaBakchod

If this comes true, I might die (of happiness).

Arvind replied to their tweet as well!

Arvind AIB
Source: Twitter @ArvindKejriwal

Please God, make this happen!

7) Gursimran Khamba made it all about Gangs Of Wasseypur

Source: Twitter @gkhamba

And now we cannot un-see Kejriwal as Bajpayee.

8) Omar Abdullah sounds just like us

Source :Twitter @abdullah_omar

He is after all, just a man, waiting for a good debate to make his day.

9) Tanmay Bhat retweeted Kiran Bedi’s love for debates

Kiran Bedi
Source: Twitter @kiranbedi

She should REALLY take this one up.

10) And NDTV turned a Twitter war into a poll

Source: Twitter @ndtv

And that ladies and gentleman, is what Twitter has done to people.

What do you think? Should this debate happen?

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