Whoa! There Are 11 Million SRKians On Twitter Now!

Whoa! There Are 11 Million SRKians On Twitter Now!

Shreemi Verma
Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Twitter exploded last night as followers for Shah Rukh Khan reached 11 million! The mood of SRKians was ecstatic as the followers count was on a steady rise and the topic was trending for days. Obviously we got the best Tweets for you! Some tweets were sweet, some tweets were all about getting the hashtag to trend and some made me think what the person was smoking while tweeting this – in any case, take a look!

1) This major fan made like an image and all, specially for King Khan!

Source: Twitter @algoog507

What a sweet gesture.

2) This fancy pants man ordered everyone to put up a DP!

Source: Twitter @SRKFan

More like Bossy-Pants amirite?

3) Senorita was extremely happy and wanted to celebrate together

srk 3
Source: Twitter @tinzlyf

So many emotions, such little space.

4) Vishala who didn’t REALLY care about SRK

Source: Twitter @vishala_katta

But still used the trending keywords in order to get noticed I suppose #SlyTweet

5) Jenilee is proud to be one of the SRKians

Source: Twitter @jennypetz_

And we’re proud of her too.

6) Avnish who tried to express his heartfelt emotions that had nothing to do with 11 million fans of SRK!

srk 6
Source: Twitter @iam_avnish

I repeat, nothing.

7)  Toxic demons also, used SRK having 11 million fans, for their own vested interests

Source: Twitter @ToxicDomains

More slyness.

8) Limit (who is apparently ‘soul SRK’) airbrushed Shah Rukh’s face so much, it left us kinda speechless.

Source: Twitter @ISoulSRK

Never seen Shah Rukh look scarier

9) And Abhiraj tweeted something that again had NOTHING to do with Shah Rukh having fans

Source: Twitter @SRK_Abhiraj

What sorcery is this?

10) RAEES SRK FAN wanted an mp3 file. I guess he was asking the 11 million fans of SRK to help him?

SRK 10
Source: Twitter @iemSRKian

This is obviously a pattern.

11) And Eliza who won’t stop ‘twitting’ about SRK

SRK 11
Source: Twitter @RehmanEliza

We’re all twits after all, right?

Congrats for the 11 million fans, Shah Rukh!

We love you!