namrata shirodkar

Happy Birthday Namrata Shirodkar! The question on everyone’s mind, where in the world has this lady been? Alright, so we do know that she’s living in domestic bliss after getting married to Mahesh Babu, but we miss seeing her pretty face on screen. Which is exactly why we’ve listed down a bunch of everyday romantic situations explained using Namrata’s most popular songs!

1) When your love is so deep, even God listens to it.

I think God has better things to do, but I guess he does like to pass his time listening to declarations of love every now and then.

2) When you’ve found a new pet-name for bae

Hero Hindustani is what every girl should call her guy from today onwards!

3) When your boy can’t get enough of you

And eventually you’re like “Okay, I know I’m’re alright too I suppose“. #SassyGirlAlert

4) When the guy can’t help falling in love with you because the chunnari slipped

Naughty naughty!

5) And finally, when the two of you have been together for so long, your different worlds are basically just one!


Which Namrata Shirodkar song is your favourite? Share it with your friends who still dig the ’90s!

I know I will!