Need To Find Fake Love To Shut People Up About Your Singlehood?

Shreemi Verma , 23 Jan 2015

Don’t have the time to find love in a hopeless place? Are your parents pestering you to get married? Your best friends always get their significant others along? If your answers to all these questions are yes, then we’ve found a solution for you! Ok so not exactly us, BUT there are these two websites – Invisible Boyfriend and Invisible Girlfriend – that help you create a ‘fake’ partner. So instead of having to go to disastrous blind dates or checking Tinder repeatedly, these sites create a partner who is too good to be true. To sign up, just pay a small fee and in return receive Ishq Waala Love type text messages, photos, and even a personalized back story about how the two of you got together! Whoa! The fee gets you 100 texts, 10 voice mails, and one written note. Sadly, sexting isn’t included yet. Yet.

The point of these sites isn’t to make you feel bad about being single, they’re basically created just so that people who think being in a relationship is life’s only purpose can shut up for a bit while you go ahead and live your life peacefully!

marilyn monroe

The best part? It’s not a robot that does it, but real paid staffers at Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend who send all the messages. The founder, Matthew Homann apparently started the sites after going through a divorce; his friends kept bugging him about when he was going to start dating again and that is when his eureka moment arrived.

I know the concept sounds frivolous and a little crazy but according to the founder, all kinds of people use this site. Some users are gay and sadly cannot come out due to societal pressures (hence fake heterosexual partners) while some are people with no relationship experience, wanting to learn the ropes.

We still have mixed feelings about this one, but are tempted to check it out, what about you?

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