Happy Republic Day: These Guys Were Asked To Tear The Indian National Flag In Exchange Of 1000 Rupees, Did They Do It?

Swagata Dam
These guys were asked to tear the national flag
These guys were asked to tear the national flag

Firstly, here’s wishing you a Happy Republic day! While we all celebrated this day with much fervour and zest during our school days, it’s just another holiday for most of us now. But there are still many of us, who make it a point to attend the flag hoisting events in their respective offices and residential areas on this occasion. However, some of them forget to take care of the same flag right after the event and we see torn flags fallen on the streets across the country. That is so not done! Our national tricolour is not just a decorative piece and we must respect it. Patriotism is not just about celebrating these days. It’s more about feeling a certain love for the nation. Watch this video and you will know what I am talking about.

Let’s take a pledge that we will always respect our national flag. #HappyRepublicDay

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