5 Things RJ Pritam Did Before Becoming A Bigg Boss 8 Contestant!

Shreemi Verma , 27 Jan 2015

The Gyarah Se Do Bhabhi Ka Show guy is quite a decent man, isn’t he? This unassuming, non-controversial and overall good guy of the Bigg Boss house is pegged to be the winner! But do we know much about RJ Pritam apart from the fact that he’s a radio jockey? Not really, we don’t! That’s why here’s a list of the 5 things Pritam did before becoming one of the most popular contestants of Bigg Boss 8.

1) He worked for Radio Mirchi Nagpur after making it big on Red FM

Source: Wikipedia.org

His show was called Total Filmy and Rishala; he then went on to Red FM in Mumbai and is now he’s one of the most popular RJs in the city!

2) He married Punjabi actress Aman Jot

Aman Jot and Pritam
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And they have an adorable baby boy Aaditya! His wife has featured in Punjabi movies like Mundey Patilala De.

3) He is (according to Wikipedia) known for his flirtatious style of humour and infectious energy

RJ Pritam
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And his flagship show is basically about him making ladies between 35-45 years old feel special….hmmm.

4) He played the role of a villain in a Manisha Koirala movie


Called Escape From Taliban. Movie was based on a true story.

5) He won a previous reality show named Welcome – Baazi Mehmannawazi Ki

Here he fought with Bakhtiyar Irani – guess he got all his Bigg Boss 8 practice from here itself!

What do you think? Will Pritam Singh win this season of Bigg Boss?

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