Akshay Kumar in Baby
Source: Facebook.com/BabyTheFilm

Baby has released and has seen exceptional reviews coming its way and everyone is loving Akshay Kumar‘s never-seen-before avatar. While critics are saying this may just be one of his best performances  ever, audiences have warmed up to the film also.

All the accolades and Akshay still doesn’t forget to acknowledge his director Neeraj Pandey, who is one filmmaker whose craft he really respects. He said:

As a matter of fact I respected Neeraj sir before I even met him. I watched A Wednesday numerous times at home and in my van. I would sit there thinking ‘What an Idea, what a stroke of genius, such a well written, enthralling piece of creativity.’ To work with him once was an honour, to work with him twice is a blessing only few could experience. He is a director that I respect but he is also a man I think very highly of. There is a lot more to this director than just direction, he is a perfectionist. He doesn’t demand the best, he brings out the best.

He further added:

Not only is our director extremely intelligent, he is also very patient with his script. In his eyes, nothing is more powerful than the script. No actor, no budget meets the importance of one’s script. With this strength, the automatic courage one feels on the sets is tenfold. I had always said that Baby is a story worth witnessing! I credit the directer a lot for its success. Now you can see it for yourself.

We couldn’t agree more.