The Full AIB Knockout Video Featuring Ranveer Singh & Arjun Kapoor Is FINALLY Here - And It's As Hilariously Inappropriate As Expected

Rashmi Daryanani , 28 Jan 2015

There’s been a lot said about the All India Bakchod Knockout with Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. From the trailer alone, you could tell that we were in for something hilariously inappropriate – and now, weeks after the event has taken place in Mumbai, it is all finally online for us to enjoy. We know it’s going to be something else entirely. After all, barely 15 seconds into the video, they warn you that it’s “filthy, rude, and offensive.” So yeah, you’ll probably want headphones. And you’re going to want to get comfortable – as Karan Johar says, you’re getting ready to watch “another two-hour long piece of shit featuring Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor.” Sounds like my kind of fun.

Check out the full Knockout below:


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