Could THIS Be The Saddest Love Song You've Ever Heard?

MissMalini , 28 Jan 2015

Literally every single time my baller friend Sid Shah comes to town, he brings along some kind of unexpected gem with him. This time was NO different and today (48 hours after his blink-and-you-miss-it visit) I am somehow STILL humming a song that deals with very real modern day relationship angst (in the worst possible way). Ladies and gentleman I give you, DJ Mustard and his 4 digit dilemma. *crowd goes wild*

She About To Lock My Phone, Trying To Unlock My Phone!

Sid Shah's Tweet
Sid Shah’s Tweet

Yes, those are the lyrics to this song and it kinda breaks my heart. Now it might just be that I’m old(er) now so the fact that love, jealousy and all that other heart-wrenching good stuff being boiled down to a 4 digit spy mission, is something I find both appalling and unbelievably sad. (Or maybe I just can’t stand the fact that it’s kinda growing on me now, you decide. And tell me what you think of it in the comments below!)

4 Digits

(It’s gon’ be your favourite song)

[Verse 1: Eric Bellinger]
When I be in the shower, she know that I leave it alone
So for at least a half an hour, she be tryna break into my phone, oh
I don’t know what I did to make her feel insecure
But she gon’ have to trust me, cause I ain’t even doing no wrong

[Hook: Eric Bellinger]
She won’t ever get them four digits
No she won’t ever get them four digits
She about to lock my phone, tryna unlock my phone
She about to lock my phone, tryna unlock my phone
She won’t ever get them four digits

[Verse 2: Eric Bellinger]
She so damn nosy, don’t know why she be listening to her friends
That’s probably why she on me, cause they niggas be cheating on them
She just wanna be up in my photos
She just wanna be up in my videos
She just wanna be up in my emails and my DM’s

[Hook: Eric Bellinger]

[Overlapping: Fabulous]
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my code to keep
If I should die before I wake
I hope this girl don’t crack my bank
Face down, bring her off

[Verse 3: Fabulous]
What’s crackin’ baby, other than my code
Just came off the motherfuckin’ road
Already it’s another episode
I think shawty undercover on the low
You know I be on the phone talkin’ real late to ’em
She be walkin’ real late on me, getting straight to ’em
I be like “okay baby stay calm, it’s just Jake from State Farm”
On the real, what you searching for?
The thought upsets you, seeing that I hurt you more
I’m out the game but you know that I gotta keep it player
Every night I say a prayer, she won’t ever get the four digits

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