Whoa! This Is How Much Priyanka Chopra Might Be Getting Paid For Her ABC Show!

Priyam Saha , 28 Jan 2015

Priyanka Chopra‘s big American television debut with ABC (the same network that brought us Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family and Scandal!) is something I am really looking forward to. About her signing a deal with the network, our desi girl said:

To a storyteller each platform of performance offers its own artistic challenges, and if you have a good story to tell, regardless of the platform, audiences will follow, I’ve been a long time fan of ABC shows, and an admirer of how the network has changed the landscape of TV through the diversity of their lead characters.

As an intrinsic creative, I am drawn to opportunities that test me in new ways. I’m honored by the opportunity to share my talent with a game-changing network, and I’m very much looking forward to participate in this new endeavor.

Priyanka Chopra (Source: Viral Bhayani)
Priyanka Chopra (Source: Viral Bhayani)

But can you guess how much the babe is getting paid for her show? Well, rumour has it that she’ll walk away with a whooping sum of 25 crores!

PC will soon be flying to Los Angeles for the ABC show that is going to revolve around her. Extra care is being taken to make LA home for the three months she’ll be staying there. According to a source:

A dedicated space is being designed, where Priyanka will have a temple to pray in every day. She’s also going to put up several portraits of herself and her family, just like she has at her home in Mumbai. The interior designer has been informed about the kind of upholstery she likes as well.

PC has always spoken out about the discrepancy in pay between male and female actors and if the buzz about her remuneration is true, then this is definitely a step towards equal pay. #YouGoGirl

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