10 Tweets That Prove That Arjun Kapoor Is Totally BINDASS!

Aayushi Bhargava , 29 Jan 2015
Source: Twitter | @arjunk26
Source: Twitter | @arjunk26

Okay, so AIB’s Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh Roast is out and it has taken the internet by storm. I mean a million hits within 12 hours of its release – that’s one huge deal! You absolute rockstars!

I’m sure, along with me, a lot of others are now going to see Arjun and Ranveer in a completely different light and it’s AWESOME! Now that I have a budding crush on Arjun I decided to begin my crush-stalking on twitter. The only thought that came to my mind while scrolling through his profile was that this is one absolutely BINDASS dude!

Here are 10 tweets that make me feel for this gareebo ka wolverine (though he’s climbing the ladder to becoming ameero ka, FYI!):

1) Because he has the balls!

2) Because… that beard.

3) Because he’s incomplete without his Bikram!

4) He makes pouts look cute!

5) He adores his ‘lil sister!

6) He let’s the women get their way!

7) Rivalry is far from question!

8) Because Sonam Kapoor is his cousin sister!

9) Because he loves MissMalini :D

10) And just because :)…

Keep being Bindass AK – because we love you just the way you are!

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