#FitnessFridays: This Video Will Make You Want To Accomplish Things!

Mishti Shirke , 30 Jan 2015
Misty Copeland for UnderArmour | Source:  www.underarmour.com
Misty Copeland for Under Armour | Source: www.underarmour.com

A little piece of Friday fit-spiration for you all – this video by Under Armour, featuring Misty Copeland, a soloist at the American Ballet Theatre is a MUST-WATCH before you get this weekend kick-started!

Misty was first introduced to ballet on a basketball court at the Boys and Girls Club in the LA area. According to most ballet professionals, she didn’t fit the bill. So instead of quitting, this fierce chica powered on and achieved what most would call ‘impossible’. Fifteen years later, Misty is a soloist for the American Ballet Theatre and there are no words for how incredible this girl is.

Goes to show, if you really want something, you’ll conquer no matter how hard you have to work to get there or how long it takes! Will trumps Fate.

What are you on your way to accomplishing? #IWillWhatIWant

P.S. Don’t you just love the Under Armour range of Sports wear?! <3

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