Justin Bieber recently appeared on The Ellen Show for Ellen‘s birthday, and it was great. However, if the following video is anything to go by, Justin didn’t seem to think so. The 20-year-old has been through a tough time in the past few years. From DUIs to arrests, he has kept the news portals on their toes with all his shenanigans.

But, little did we know that there was something eating away at this rockstar, on the inside. After the much publicised on-and-off relationship and a final break up with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, there was bound to be some emotional whirlwind. But, Selena has now moved on and we hope the same for Biebs.

In this video, the singer is open heartedly apologizing for his behaviour during the past few years; check it out!

I must say that it’s good to see Biebs open up because that doesn’t happen often! Also, accepting that someone is nervous and scared of being judged, when you’re as famous as him, is a huge deal! We’re glad that some celebs have decided to turn a new leaf – first Kanye West and now Justin. Way to go!

We know you’re a softy, Biebs!

Do we see a ray of hope, Beliebers?