The Trailer Of Ted 2 Is So Funny It Makes Us Cry!

Shreemi Verma , 30 Jan 2015
Ted 2

OMG! The trailer of Ted 2 is out and we’re so excited. The original Ted was that movie which made stoner comedies loved by people who didn’t… stone (does this line even make sense?). Seriously, people loved this Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth (Family Guy) MacFarlane movie so much that it still holds the record of being the highest grossing original R-rated movie ever. And now they’ve blessed us by bringing Ted and John back for a sequel and this time it’s Ted who’s getting married! Yep, a teddy bear is getting married to a human being. But is it something so out of the ordinary? I don’t really know, as the narrator says: Americans don’t give a crap about anything. Watch the trailer already!

Also starring Amanda Seyfried along with the guys, Ted 2 looks every bit like the hilarious ride it promises to be! Roll up guys, June isn’t as far as you think it is!

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