Guess Which Bollywood Actor Deepika Padukone Has Been Bonding With! (Hint: It's Not Ranveer Singh)

Industrywalla , 03 Feb 2015

So there’s a new mutual admiration club in B-town between two actors who hardly know each other, haven’t worked together and don’t really have any mutual friends. Any guesses? I’m talking about none other than Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor! I have heard that Deepika and Sasha were seen bonding at the Screen Awards earlier this year and again at the Filmfare Awards held on Saturday night. Not only that, but Dippy was also overheard telling another actor how Shahid is so underrated and how he is finally getting his due. Sasha, too, was heard saying how odd it is that he hasn’t been paired with Deepika yet. Now, if only producers would listen to this – we’d definitely have one hot jodi to look out for!

What do you think of the Shahid/Deepika pairing?

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