Photo Diary: Inside Pictures Of Farah Khan's Grand Bigg Boss Bash!

Priyam Saha , 03 Feb 2015
Farah Khan's Halla Bol Party
Farah Khan’s Halla Bol Party

Farah Khan has always gone on record to say that she is the biggest fan of Bigg Boss and her happiness knew no bounds when she was asked to host the extended season of Bigg Boss 8Bigg Boss Halla Bol. 

Well, now that the season is over and Gautam Gulati has walked away with the coveted trophy, Farah threw a fabulous bash at the terrace of her house. Not only season 8, but contestants from the previous seasons were also spotted at this party.

While some Bigg Boss 8 contestants were seemingly amiss from the night, familiar faces like Kamya Panjabi and Dolly Bindra from previous seasons happily posed for pictures.

Check out the picture gallery:

Gautam Gulati, Mohit Gulati (Facebook | Mohit Gulati)

It looks like Farah was going for a blue theme for her party as not only her, but Gautam, Dolly, Sonali Raut and even Sajid Khan showed up wearing blue clothes. I wonder if it’s symbolic for something. What do you think? Tell me in comments below!

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