Round-Up: The 10 Most Adorable Photos Celebrities Have Shared In The Past Week!

Round-Up: The 10 Most Adorable Photos Celebrities Have Shared In The Past Week!

Shreemi Verma
anushka sharma, sonam kapoor
anushka sharma, sonam kapoor

Stars on social media have been sharing rather cute things these days, don’t you think? February, especially, has begun on a happy note with celebrities sharing awwwdorable pictures on social networking sites. In case you missed them, here’s a round-up of 10 of the cutest photos we’ve seen on social media in the past few days:

1) Anushka Sharma is officially my spirit animal.

Anushka Sharma
Source: Twitter @AnushkaSharma

Someone please stop my heart from melting.

2) Sonam Kapoor has become Rachel’s sister: Amy!

Sonam Kapoor
Source: Twitter @sonamakapoor
Amy green

You know, the one who wanted to be a baby stylist. But Sonam went ahead and BECAME one!

3) Sonakshi shared this really cute family picture; Poonam Sinha looks gorgeous!

sonakshi sinha
Source: Twitter @sonakshisinha

And Sonakshi had a bowl cut! Stars…they’re just like us.

4) Justin Timblerlake broke the Internet

Source: Instagram | @justintimberlake
Source: Instagram | @justintimberlake

And showed us the best way to announce your superstar wife’s pregnancy. Learn amaterus, learn.

5) And Rhea Kapoor reminded us why we fell in love with Khoobsurat

Sonam and Fawad
Source: Instagram @rheakapoor

#FawadFever will never end, never ever.

6) Karan Johar shared this picture featuring the royalty of Bollywood

Source: Twitter @karanjohar

How cute do Pammi Chopra and Hiroo Johar look!

7) Shahid spent the night with this lady

Shahid Kapoor
Source: Instagram @shahidkapoor

The lady most of the Bollywood wants to be with.

8)  Alia Bhatt kissed her Filmfare Award

Alia Bhatt
Ssource: Twitter @aliaa08

And ended her tweet with a wink!

9) Arjun shared a collage of his performance at the Filmfare Awards

Arjun Kapoor
Source: Twitter @arjunk26

Can’t wait to see his performance on 8th Feb!

10)  And Adam Levine introduced us to his pets

Adam Levine
Source: Instagram @adamlevine

I am so tempted to steal one of them, it’s not even funny. If I could, I’d take the one whose so furry, you can’t see his eyes!

Which picture was your favourite?