Heartbreaking News For AIB Fans: The Knockout Video Has Been Taken Down!

Swagata Dam , 04 Feb 2015
AIB Poster
AIB Poster

The fact that All Indian Bakchod is being flamed for their roast is pretty sad. As we all know, the comedians are being called out by people across the country for using ‘crass and abusive’ language in their AIB Knockout Roast with Ranveer Singh and Arjun KapoorFrankly, I am not usually a fan of abusive language. But while watching the AIB Knockout on YouTube, I didn’t mind the language AT ALL. Why?

Because it was super funny and it had me in splits. 

Because I was prepared for it. Because the ‘roast’ is designed to be like this.

Because I know how to enjoy humour.

Because I went ahead and watched it despite Karan Johar‘s warning (when he mentioned that people who get offended easily should discontinue watching the show).

Because I have better things to do in life and better causes to fight for.

I am disheartened to see that so many people simply lost the plot.

Anyway. The AIB haters would be happy to know that AIB Knockout Roast video of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor along with Roastmaster Karan Johar, has been taken off YouTube.

Here’s what the AIB guys tweeted:

AIB tweet
AIB tweet

And here’s what KJo has to say about his haters.

I really hope AIB is gearing up to give it back to all these haters in a fun unique way. Also, maybe the so called ‘true Indians’ should pay more attention to things like corruption, rape and other gut-wrenching crimes that take place in our country every day, rather than dishing out police complaints against stand-up comedians, who spread smiles. Enough said.

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