The Internet Reacts To The #AIBRoast Video Being Pulled Down!

The Internet Reacts To The #AIBRoast Video Being Pulled Down!

Shreemi Verma

India’s favourite stand-up comedy collective, All India Bakchod, had to pull down their hilarious #AIBKnockout video because of the whole controversy surrounding it. Clearly, we don’t deserve good things. The Internet (primarily Twitter) reacted in support of this hilarious video and we’ve listed down the most sensible Tweets regarding this topic. Of course, Karan Johar totally won the Internet with his sassy response, but there are a lot more people who were vocal in their support.

1) Aditya Mehta tried to remind the politicians and the police that they have bigger issues to deal with

Source: Twitter @adityamehta

2) Alia Bhatt showed her support, as she always does…

Source: Twitter @aliaa08

… be it with her Genius Of The Year video with AIB or her sporting laugh on all the jokes they cracked on her during the knockout.

3) Anuya spoke about how embarrassing politicians are

Source: Twitter @effyourstylist

4) Barkha Dutt questioned the country’s (primarily the government’s) stance regarding democracy

Source: Twitter @BDUTT

Acche din? I think not.

5) Bollywood Gandu said the absolute truth

Source: Twitter @BollywoodGandu

6) HoeZaay mentioned how this ‘ban’ has actually got AIB more followers and supporters

Source: Twitter @HoeZaay

7) Milind Deora too condemned this unnecessary meddling by the government that had previously promised something completely different

Source: Twitter @milindeora

8) The editor of Mid-Day was offended by the government

Source: Twitter @SachinKalbag
Source: Twitter @SatanBhagat

10) And Sonakshi Sinha called out the hypocrites for being the parasites of our society

Source: Twitter @sonakshisinha

Like it or not, a celebrity roast is the last thing that should cause such a furor that the police and the government needs to get involved. Please spend your time on something that genuinely needs attention. Thanks.