We all know that an issue is a legitimate one if Amul takes it up, and the #AIBRoast controversy just reached that level today! The roast has been subject to far too much scrutiny after an over zealous ‘protector of Indian values‘ decided to file an FIR against one of the funniest things to have happened in India. The boys put the videos down till the furor settles and gave a wonderful response to all the drama amidst baseless criticism. But we also saw that AIB received a LOT of support from all quarters of the nation; Amul became the latest to join them.

All India Butter
Source: Twitter @Amul_Coop

Brilliant, isn’t it? In case you’re missing the jokes too much and haven’t been able to download the torrent files yet, check out the top jokes cracked that night and laugh at the face of the people who want to curb free speech.