Hrithik Roshan's New Video Is The Most Inspiring Thing You'll See All Day

Rashmi Daryanani , 05 Feb 2015
Hrithik Roshan launches  HRX on
Hrithik Roshan launches HRX on

Everyone knows that Hrithik Roshan has gone through emotional upheaval, but even through it all, the actor has put up a strong front and has always maintained that the power of love trumps everything. He’s quite an inspiring person – in fact, he’s given us some kickass life lessons that we should all probably follow – and his latest video is, yet again, very motivating. It’s actually a video for HRX, his brand that’s available exclusively on Myntra, and we love that he’s based his brand around all the principles that he follows himself. Have a look below:

As Hrithik says,

Before I can climb Everest, I have to conquer that mountain inside my head. Before I can make something of me, I must kill that demon of doubt. I have to forget what failure means before I can give victory a shot. I have to defeat defeat.

Let this be the motivation you need today to get through everything. After all, “defeat isn’t even a real thing – it’s just an illusion.”

What do you think of the video?

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