5 Stages Of Emotions You Go Through When You Move To A New City

Resham Beri , 06 Feb 2015
Wake Up Sid
Wake Up Sid

Leaving your home and shifting to a new city? Oh, it can be quite a task! Believe me, this is experience talking. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all fun and laughter.

You feel a whirlwind of emotions (all at once and no, it’s NOT PMS!), which are enough to label you crazy if someone monitors them.  But fret not! You’re not alone.

Here’s a list of  emotions and life hacks that you should familiarize yourself with to make your geographical transition much easier!

1. The New You!

Like A Boss
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Since it is (probably) your first independent voyage, you are all set to make your own rules #LikeABoss. You feel now is the time to break even with your parents and friends who thought you were no good and wouldn’t last a day on your own. You are independent, driven and spirited, which is great; except, this emotion doesn’t last too long!

Don’t make any claims out of impulse. You don’t want to fall flat on your face eventually!

2. The Party Don’t Start Till I Walk In

Party Don't Start Till I Walk In
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Tasting independence for the first time, you want to party… ALL THE TIME! You become capable of waking up with a hangover and curing it with some more alcohol. (You may even wake up with people you don’t know.) Believe me, it happens! You wonder why your parents never let you do this when you were at home.

Just wait for some months, friend… you will know why!

3. The Emotional Outburst!

Emotional Outburst
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So it’s all hunky dory, until one night when you are drunk out of your wits and reach an empty apartment with dirty clothes and no water. That is the time it dawns on you that you are in a bloody city – all alone. You cry yourself to sleep but no one really cares.

This is a great time buddy, because now you realize the importance of having a family!

4. All Grown Up And How!

Grown Up
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After the one night of emotional outburst, you wake up as a new person. The person you had promised yourself you’d be when you had just left home. You realize your responsibilities, want to make things work, and most importantly, make your parents proud of who you are.

Do a little happy dance at this stage! You have almost made it!

5. The Journey Continues

Could I Go Home Now
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Well, it will almost take a year before you reach the grown-up stage. After that, it’s smooth sailing! You visit home after some months thinking that you’d never want to go back. But really, that doesn’t happen! A few days at home and you know it’s time to go back to where you’ve come from – your actual home. I won’t say you love the city yet, but you are getting there. :)

Basically, from alcohol to booty call to duty call – you experience it all!

Has your journey been similar? Tell me in comments below!

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