7 Things To Do When The Hindu Mahasabha Forces You To Get Married On Valentine's Day!

Shreemi Verma , 06 Feb 2015
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Hindu Mahasabha, the cool people we’d love to hang-out with someday, have declared their intention to get people married off if they write ‘I Love You‘ on each other’s Facebook wall or even if they’re caught together on Valentine’s Day. Firstly, I think that’s impossible. I mean, have you seen the kind of money people need to get married these days? Secondly, we’re a country of over a billion people – if even half of us write love notes on social media, the Mahasabha will end this campaign just because of the huge number of weddings they’ll need to pull off. But assuming they go ahead and make mayhem, here’s a guide to the things you should do on February 14th!

1) If you’re homosexual, go ahead and declare your love

Gay Pride
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Maybe that’ll be a start to legalizing something that should have never been illegal in the first place!

2) Declare your love for your favourite celebrity

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The Mahasabha will hunt them down and force them to marry you. I’m sure.

Ryan Gosling
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3) Write in Morse code

morse code
morse code

4) Write it in CAPS LOCK on your partners wall

I love you
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If your parents are against your match, the Mahasabha can be your partners in crime.

5) Even if your parents are cool with your partner, put it all out on social media

I Love You
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Save wedding costs that way.

6) Declare your love for a politician

Facebook post
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Let’s see how the Mahasabha makes THAT happen!

7) Say you love your dog

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Then put these guys in jail for encouraging beastality. Eww.

Basically do what you want. Pests like these should never be able to dictate their terms on anyone. Have a wonderful day!

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