The ridiculous controversy surrounding the #AIBRoast is still continuing! Even though the audience found the YouTube footage of the roast hilarious, unsurprisingly a bunch got “offended” and went ahead filing FIRs. Even though the boys gave out an official statement after taking down the video, the whole hoopla just doesn’t make sense!

In light of all this nonsense, the guys at Old Delhi Films have come up with a video that lists out a number of issues that our country is facing regularly that should get us mad practically every day. Yup, things that are way more offensive than a harmless comedy show put together by a group of consenting adults for a group of consenting adults.

Check out the video:

You know, things like flippant comments on rape, the Hindu Mahasabha wanting to force people to get married, and regressive shows on television.

What are your thoughts?