Revealed: Everything You're Going To Find In Your Box Of Love!

Anushka Mulchandani , 10 Feb 2015
MissMalini's Box Of Love
MissMalini’s Box Of Love

By now you already know that we have our Valentine’s Day presents all sorted out. MissMalini and My Envy Box collaborated to curate a limited edition box of love this V-Day and up to now, the contents have been kept a secret. But we can’t keep it in any longer and we’re bursting to let you in on it too! So without beating around the bush, here’s all the miniature goodness you can expect in your little box of love…

Read on for more information!

1. For your nails…

A new launch, LYN (Live Your Now), is a nail lacquer brand that comes in a wide palette of colours. Everything from bright greens to subtle pinks – your envy box has a full size of these babies.

LYN For My Envy Box
LYN For My Envy Box

2. For the person you’re with…

Calvin Klein’s newest release, Reveal has a spot in the box and from what we’ve taken a whiff of, you’re not going to want to use any other perfume (and your man isn’t going to want you to either *wink).

Calvin Klein Reveal
Calvin Klein Reveal For My Envy Box

3. For post workout…

Once you’re done working out, a refresher comes in the form of an exfoliator from SkinYoga. With Neem extracts, it doubles up as a purifier for your skin.

Skinyoga Neem purifier
Skinyoga For My Envy Box

4. For your body…

Vana Vidhi provides bath salts infused with Himalayan wild rose extracts – and it’s good enough for a bath for two :)

5. One of these three

For your hair…

We could all do with some extra hair, amirite? Balmain set out on a mission to source, select and give you the best hair in the world. They want you to see what they mean and have added a little treat to your box.

Balmain Hair Extension
Balmain Hair For My Envy Box

For your face…

Oh what it feels to be young! While age is just a number, your skin needs some of L’Occaitane’s Immortelle Precious Youth Serum. It comes infused with an immortal flower which can only be great on your skin.

L'Occitane Precious Serum
L’Occitane Precious Serum For My Envy Box

And another one for your face…(one can’t be enough, right?)

Au natural and with smoothening agents, a wine peeling jelly softener from Innisfree will make you wonder how you’ve lived without this all your life.

Innisfree for My Envy Box
Innisfree for My Envy Box

6. But that’s not all…

Your box of love comes with free makeover vouchers from Sephora not just for you, but for your friend as well. Plus, H2o has added in an extra Rs. 500 voucher to the box too!

Haven’t got your box yet? By now I bet you’re itching to get one. Swipe your card here (cash on delivery is an option too) and get access to your own once in a Valentine box of love.

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