Karishma Tanna
Karishma Tanna

Karishma Tanna dropped in MissMalini HQ to say hi and we had the most fabulous time chatting her up. Also, can I just say how amazing she looked!

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Here’s what went down:

MissMalini (MM): You came so close… First runner up… Did you at any point think ‘I’ve got this! I’m winning this!’?

Karishma Tanna (KT): I was always in a very balanced zone. I always thought I may or may not win. But my aim was to stand out among 24 contestants, which I did. I feel good about making it as far as I did. And I know I gave a tough competition to a lot of people in the house.

MM: Do you think Pritam made a wise decision by taking the money and backing out?

KT: I think it was a wise decision. I had a feeling that they’d keep the competition very interesting where it’d boil down to one male and one female contestant. So  Gautam was a stronger contender to Pritam in comparison.

Karishma Tanna
Karishma Tanna

MM: How is Upen Patel? How is it going?

KT: That’s for me and Upen to know. Ya it’s going good. You’ll know soon, that’s all I can say.

MM: Everyone wonders about Rushabh Choksi… You kind of broke up with him on national televison…

KT: I wouldn’t comment on that. All I can say is whatever decision I’ve taken in the house, I know what I have gone through. I am a sensible girl and my decision is fine by me. I am happy.

MM: Did Rushabh and you get in touch post the show…

KT: No comments.

MM: Your least favourite contestant and why?

KT: Everyone was good! (laughs)

Karishma Tanna
Karishma Tanna

MM: That’s too diplomatic, Karishma…

KT: Least favourite contestant would be Puneet Issar. He said really horrible things about me in the house, back-stabbed me practically, always bitched about me behind my back… all I can say is God bless them all!

MM: What did you learn from your experience at the Bigg Boss house?

KT: I’ve learnt to be patient and less competitive. Because with whatever I do, I get into this whole zone of ‘I NEED to win’… which I think is a good streak I have. But I think now I have relaxed a little bit.

Karishma Tanna, MissMalini
Karishma Tanna, MissMalini

MM: So what plans now?

KT: Doing a lot of apperances as of now. I am in talks with a few filmmakers. But then if I get my hands on a good fiction show, I’ll take it up because TV will always be very close to me.

MM: And finally, are you going to do a movie with Upen?

KT: Of course! If something nice comes up then why not!