Swagata Dam, Priyam Saha
Swagata Dam, Priyam Saha

It’s been a few days now since SulaFest 2015 and I think I am still dehydrated from all the wine consumption. Swagata Dam from Team MissMalini and I packed our weekend bags and boarded the bus early on a Saturday morning to embark upon our drunken journey as official blogging partners of SulaFest 2015. Three words: TOO.MUCH.FUN!

While I was exploring the fest with sunglasses on my eyes and drinks in my hands, I couldn’t help but soak in the diverse people spotting, and all the different people you’re bound to meet at SulaFest.

1. The Uncles Who Take Dancing VERY Seriously

You can spot these men from a mile away. These are the middle aged men who’ve probably been freed from the shackles of ghar-grihasti for a drunk weekend and are out in the town with “their boys” dancing like there’s no tomorrow. There is lots of grinding involved… with each other.

2. The Ladies Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Without Heels

Source | Tumblr.com

These are the women who don’t care about the terrain or the intoxication levels… it’s heels or nothing! The heels are typically accompanied by seemingly uncomfortable dresses & heavy makeup for a chilled out festival. Don’t pry though… the only response you’ll get is, “whatever!”

3. The Guy Who Owns A DSLR

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You know these people too well. Hell, you might be one of them. You probably bought your DLSLR after watching Wake Up Sid and upload Facebook albums with ABC Photography watermarked on each picture. All power to you… just saying not everyone is a professional photographer, ok 😉

4. The Selfie Addict

The Oscar Selfie
The Oscar Selfie

These selfie enthusiasts would probably forget to include the Eiffel Tower when visiting Paris as long as there’s a steady stream of their own face across all social media. They’ve been bitten by the selfie bug and there is no cure. At the bar, at the stall, at the concert, in the loo (ew!)… every moment is a selfie moment.

5. The Drunk

Helen (Source | giphy.com}
Source | Giphy.com

You can’t really blame them, it is SulaFest, and it does go on all day, and the bar is always open… how can you not?! They start drinking a liiitle too early and end a liiitle too late. Watch your step at night lest you trip over one of these champions passed out randomly across the grounds.

6. The Not So Celebrity

Source: Twitter | @udaychopra
Twitter | @udaychopra

I’m not at a liberty to divulge names here, but you’ll spot a lot of non-celebrities. The forgotten item girl, the dude who plays papa in all the ads, the Bollywood actor whose career never really took off and many more from the same breed. They’re all there.

7. The Girl You Know From Facebook

Source | Giphy.com
Source | Giphy.com

It’s clear that SulaFest is not just a Bombay thing, people come from all over to be part of the fun! So of course, your bound to bump into a few rando Facebook friends. You have some mutual friends (who may or may not just be mutual friends of other friends), and you may have stalked them virtually as they’ve probably done the same to you. You spend your time creepily making eye contact with them as you weigh the risks/awkwardness of actually extending your virtual friendship (fraandship?) to the real world. Tread carefully.

8. The One Person You Want To Avoid

Alice facepalm
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Hard to avoid when you’re at a cool fest that everyone comes to. The girl who you don’t talk to anymore because she rejected you (numerous times?), check! The guy who creepily hits on you all the time even (with or without his girlfriend in tow), check. And so on.

9. The Charming Bartender

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The SulaFest bars have the most charming bartenders. They say “cheers” to you each time you get a drink and really mean it. They chat you up, indulge in harmless flirting and you have a huge smile at your face when you leave the bar. And alcohol has very little to do with it.

10. The Coolest People You’d Ever Meet

The Coolest People You'd Ever Meet
The Coolest People You’d Ever Meet

And then there’re the coolest people you’d ever meet. And that’s you and your friends! The group you met in the bus, the guy you head-banged with at the concert, the dude you danced with, the girl you smoked a cigarette with and every one else who made your weekend the most fabulous. Special shout out to Meherwan, Mehma, Akanksha, Sadhvi, Anna, Abeer, Sameer, Zain, Dibya and my absolute favourite Mohana! Of course, my trip wouldn’t be half has cool if Swagata from Team MissMalini hadn’t been a part of it. I love you Swags, even when I don’t like you!

I’m already looking forward to SulaFest 2016. Will I see you there?