6 Bollywood Songs You Will Appreciate If You're Single & Awesome! #HappyValentinesDay

Priyam Saha , 14 Feb 2015

Being single on Valentine’s Day is like being a father on Mother’s Day. It’s not about you. But you know what is about you? Bollywood! Bollywood has a knack for producing songs for your every emotion and if you’re single, you know that being single IS, in fact, an emotion. Here’s a list of songs that resonate with that exact emotion.

1. Jaa Chudail from Delhi Belly

I love the hook step!

2. Emosanal Attyachaar from Dev D

Ain’t no one got time for Emosanal Attyachaar, right?

3. Bann Gaya Kutta from Pyar Ka Punchnama

Why become a kutta when you could be the CEO instead?

4. Kolaveri D from Dhanush

Technically not Bollywood… but in Barack Obama‘s words, “you know what I mean!”

5. Heyy Baby! from Heyy Baby!

Ishq mohabbat, pyaar ki baatein, bekaar ki baatein... #Truth

6. Sheila Ki Jawani from Tees Maar Khan

Kisi aur ki mujhko zarurat kya, main toh khudse pyaar jataun… #LikeABoss

Which is your Valentine’s Day anthem? Tell me in comments below!

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