A Dance Cheer That Will Make Sure You're All Set For The Start Of The Cricket World Cup 2015!

Mishti Shirke , 14 Feb 2015
Anushman, Prabal, Malini, Mishti, Tina, Anushka and Marv
Anshuman, Prabal, Malini, Mishti, Tina, Anushka and Marv

Need some cheers to help get you pumped for the very start of the Cricket World Cup tomorrow? We have it all here for you! Grab some friends and make a night out of this!

Warning: The following cricket cheer may induce feelings of extreme patriotism and enthusiasm towards the indian cricket team (expect to crazy dance every time we hit a big one). Oh and the best part? For all those out there who aren’t huge fans of cricket, I guarantee this dance cheer to ‘India Waale’ from Happy New Year will make this match your boyfriend/friends are dragging you to, a LOT more bearable! That, and a few sangrias here and there.

Try this out before tomorrow’s cricket match with India and Pakistan going up against each other. And feel free to join Team MissMalini at Terttulia on the 15th of February for brunch, as we cheer on India!

Also, don’t forget to join MissMalini’s Bowled Over By Cricket Hangout EVERY friday at 2pm! Here’s the link to join!

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