*UPDATE: Here’s what Arjun Kapoor, Karan Johar, Sonakshi Sinha and Priyanka Chopra had to say about Twinkle Khanna‘s TOI column!

Twinkle Khanna
Source: Twitter @mrsfunnybones

Twinkle Khanna is one of the best columnists we have right now and if you don’t agree with this statement, you should check out her latest column on India’s rising intolerance. She wrote about a statue being built for around Rs 1,900 crore even though only 10% of our children have access to education beyond higher secondary schooling. She mentioned how the term Bombay has become so ‘offensive‘ that it has to be beeped out of a song and how a politician can call us ‘har@#mzaade‘ and get away with it but the AIB (who ‘roasted‘ their guests WITH their consent) have to deal with numerous FIRS. Here’s an excerpt from her column originally posted on the Times Of India:

If I had to be offended by a live show I would rather be offended by Arnab who invites people on his show and then doesn’t let them speak. I saw an episode where he is asking the education minister a question and then screaming over her answers. Now that’s just bad manners. At least in the AIB roast they called guests over, let them say their bit, people laughed and went home. But we still have to get outraged even though they had made it clear that the show is for adults only.

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Not only that, she fiercely wrote about the hypocrisy our society and our law makers encourage on a daily basis:

We now also have an assortment of people up in arms about the gags made on a person’s sexuality but shouldn’t we be more offended by the fact that homosexuality is considered illegal in India and that Section 377 still exists?

The jokes about dark skin offend us because deep down, some of us idiotically think that having dark skin is a shortcoming. Would we be as offended if jokes were made about having fair skin like, ‘You are so fair that you were thrown out of the Nirma washing powder commercial for being whiter than the washed shirt.’?

Yes, I wish the AIB had made astute, layered gags and jibes but to be so offended as to lynch them over a bunch of wisecracks?

She also showed us that there are more important things to be offended about:

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Shouldn’t we save our strength to protest against things that really matter — like gangs of men still killing and raping women as they did again in Rohtak; that we spend $38.35 billion on warfare but are slashing our health care budget by 20% despite being a country whose public spending on health is already among the lowest in the world; that a bunch of us have been called ‘haramzade’ on a political platform from a member of the party that governs us and not from a standup comedian but no FIR is filed against the politician but is filed against the AIB comedians instead.

Doesn’t she deserve a standing ovation for this? Let’s all bow down to Mrs. Funny Bones!

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