If This Ridiculous Poster Is Anything To Go By, Then We're All REALLY Bad Girls!

Shreemi Verma , 19 Feb 2015
(Source: giphy.com)
(Source: giphy.com)

The great Bollywood Ga*du posted this picture on Facebook (via @Joylita) which shows us the qualities of a bad girl and where we can find them. If this picture is the benchmark, then friends; I’m sorry to say but I’m a very, very bad girl! Read on and you’ll probably realise that we’re all actually really bad girls. Why? Because we all have breasts for starters. This makes us a bad girl apparently.

I knew taping my breasts to my chest would have been a good idea… I just knew it.

Bad girl
Source: Twitter @Joylita

I’ve done all of it except falling in love in a park and riding a motorbike. But those things are now definitely on my bucket list.

Jokes apart, how are such ridiculous things even allowed to be printed?! When will people like this get their head out of their ass and actually take a good look around? These are the things that deserve to be called offensive to women and this is the kind of nonsense that deserves FIRs against it.

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