Rakhi Sawant's Reaction To The AIB Roast Is Absolutely Ridiculous (And Hilarious!)

Shreemi Verma , 24 Feb 2015
Rakhi Sawant
Source: YouTube.com

India is a country full of people with varied opinions, and it seems like everyone has specifically chosen the AIB roast to take out all their frustrations on. From Aamir Khan to Kareena Kapoor to the damn Government, everyone has had something or the other to say about this roast. But if these reactions are ridiculous, Tanmay Bhat has tweeted a reaction that makes Aamir’s opinion on the show being ‘violent‘ seem rather tame. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about Rakhi Sawant! Yes! She’s back and she has a mind blowing theory behind the ‘abuses‘ in this roast.

She started with saying that abusing people is the flavour of the season (missing the point of a ‘roast‘) and how she wants to go on stage and ‘give gaalis‘ to everyone too. Honestly, I’d pay to see that! But things went a little crazy when she claimed that Karan and Ranbir (please note: Not Ranveer) are her good friends and that this is just a way to frame them. According to Rakhi, AIB used Karan and Ranveer’s faces but dubbed the abusive lines themselves so that they get more viewers. Rakhi claims that if you listen closely, you’ll realise that Karan and Ranveer’s voices doesn’t sound like it belongs to them.

Mind Blown
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