Game Of Thrones
Game Of Thrones

Yes, the f-word may be very common on the sets of the Game Of Thrones. In fact, that’s the least of the show’s censorship problems. Sometimes it makes me wish we didn’t have so much censorship in our country, but then again, we have enough of that conversation flowing these days: Twinkle Khanna‘s and Shah Rukh Khan‘s two cents being the most recent and relevant current opinions on the topic. Ahh well, what’s shot and what really goes while shooting are two very different things. We just came across this bloopers video and you won’t be able to control the giggles. Have a look!

Of course you can’t stop laughing, the actors can’t either! I, for one, love behind-the-scenes videos, especially when they’re bloopers. It only goes to prove that even actors have bad days at work. God knows, how many of those we have! I guess laugh it off, drop a couple of f-bombs and move on with your day? That seems to be the perfect solution.

In case you missed the last bloopers video, here it is. It’ll take all the seriousness away from the intensity of the series, but that’s worth it! At least the next time someone is breaking someone else’s face during a battle, you’ll remember it isn’t real.

Doesn’t it make you want to be a part of the cast? The more pressing question is: how excited are you for season 5? As excited as we are?

Season 5 of Game Of Thrones will air from 13th April in India at 10pm, only on HBO Defined!