This Super Hot Bollywood Diva Makes Working Out Look Fabulous!

Mishti Shirke , 26 Feb 2015

Of course, we’re referring to the very lovely Deepika Padukone! We all know how hectic it can get just with full time work in our mere mortal lives, right? Now take into account the kind of work some of these celebrities have to put themselves through, day and night! It’s gruelling and yet keeping fit is a must. Check out Deeps on the ‘scapular glide’ on the trapeze with her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala.

Doesn’t Deeps make working on your scapulae look like a dream?! This pilates exercise is exactly what you need to be doing to get those sexy shoulder blades Deepika flaunts. As Yasmin very aptly put it, no one except Deepika can make this particular exercise look so ‘exotic’! Don’t you agree?!

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