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For several years, there’s one voice that almost every household in India is familiar with. And that is none other than the baritone voice of Bigg Boss from the popular reality show series. Have you ever wondered what the real ‘Bigg Boss’ looks like? Pictures have been floating around for a while, but in case you missed them, have a look below:

Bigg Boss Atul Kapoor
Bigg Boss Atul Kapoor (Source: Twitter)

Seen in all the photographs above, renowned voice-over artist Atul Kapoor has been lending his voice for the popular show. And apparently, Atul stays in a special secret room to monitor all the Bigg Boss contestants throughout seasons. During the recently concluded Bigg Boss 8, the contestants had even demanded to meet Bigg Boss over a meal. Of course, that didn’t happen as it’s against the format of the show.

But after years of hearing his voice, we finally got to see how Big Boss looks! Yay!