After getting into a quick-fire 5 minute long conversation with Dhanush, I realized that he is a man of few words. Okay, so perhaps this was a case of isolation and he may have been much more vocal in his other interviews. However, when it comes to Shamitabh, he is indeed letting silence speak the loudest, even as he politely responds to each and every question, albeit wrapping it up all in a sentence or two.

Since a plot like Shamitabh is largely unexplored, guess this is one film which should get full marks for originality?

Yes, it is an out and out original script. I think it has never been attempted before. It is really going to be a new experience for the audience.

Were you surprised though when Balki and Big B thought of you as the other lead in the film?

I don’t plan or expect anything. I am just a greedy actor. My family is very proud of me that I am working with Mr. Bachchan. I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing.

Dhanush and Amitabh Bachchan
Dhanush and Amitabh Bachchan

Since you are relatively much junior to him, even in terms of height, built and personality, there is a stark contrast between you two. How does that play on screen?

(Feeble smile) I think this question is way too intelligent for my small brain and knowledge. In my humble opinion, this film has roles which are tailor-made for both of us. I really hope that this casting works well. This film should be an interesting experience for the audience.

Since you are mute in the film, was it all the more difficult to perform as an actor?

I am not at the liberty of talking about my character in the film, so I can’t reveal anything about it. All I can say though is that Shamitabh is one of the most challenging films that I have done.

One waits to see how Akshara Haasan is placed in the film as the ‘third hero’.

She has bagged a tailor-made character for her first film. She has played it very convincingly too. With an amazing guide like Balki, she has pulled it off as a breeze.