Pallavi Sharda
Pallavi Sharda

Her Hawaizaada may have proved to be a disaster at the box office, however, personally for Pallavi Sharda, the film managed to get a far better response when compared to Besharam. While her performance in Hawaizaada was termed as decent to good, fortunately for her it was not dismissed entirely, as was the case with quite a lot of critical response for the Ranbir Kapoor starrer. Fitting in well into the period era, Pallavi – who is an NRI from Australia and is a trained Indian classical dancer – has managed to salvage her positioning to a good extent, and is now looking forward to her next assignments.

On being asked that when a film of hers doesn’t do well commercially, how does she retrospect on what went wrong, Pallavi said,

“I really haven’t give it too much of a thought. The more I would have delved on to that thought, the more I may have got disturbed. I have managed to not let that affect me. The moment I realize that a film may not do too well at the box office, I switch off.”

Ironically, even though she is an NRI from Australia, Pallavi gets to play hardcore ‘desi’ parts in her films, be it in Hawaizaada, Besharam or Dus Tola. Pallavi says,

“Yeah, despite being born and brought up in Australia, I am being considered for these quintessential ‘desi’ roles. Credit goes to my parents for the kind of upbringing they have given me due to which I am able to fit into these roles. It is tough to perform as I need to switch between thinking in English to Hindi. What does work in my favour is that I don’t speak in an Australian accent due to which people who interact with me don’t realise that at times I do struggle with a few words. I have to remind them that I have probably never heard of few Hindi words in Australia. It gets funny at times.”