Proof That The Youth Totally Supports The #AIBRoast!

Shreemi Verma

The #AIBRoast has been subject to so much conjecture that it seems like if someone does NOT have an opinion on this topic then something is wrong. Hence, when an online voting portal called eChunav organised a survey on the roast, we were really interested in knowing what the students of Hindu College (where this survey was held) had to say. 5000 college students voted for three days on the question:

How do you visualize the concept of AIB in India? 

According to their website, 67% of the youth believed that people need to be more open minded and see the roast just as a form of entertainment. 71% of the women who participated in the poll held the same view.

Karan Johar

About 10 per cent respondents in fact supported the format saying it is an innovative way of raising donations and charity. We’re glad that most of the youth agrees that a Roast is a humour format, just like the acts on Comedy Nights With Kapil are!

Vote for or against the #AIBRoast in the comments below and tell us why you feel that way!

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