Aamir Khan Defends His 'Violent' Comment About The #AIBRoast

Priyam Saha , 04 Mar 2015
Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer SIngh, Aamir Khan
Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer SIngh, Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan‘s reaction the the #AIBRoast was one of the first by a celebrity post the event. He called the show violent and made it clear that it wasn’t something he’d like to be associated with because it’d disturb him. A lot of people, including people from B-Town, strongly opposed Aamir’s viewpoint. Some open letters were written too.

Now that the AIB has cancelled some of its future shows too, you’d think the uproar about the roast would die down now. But no, there are still reactions about it. Like, Tanmay Bhatt put it so well…

tanmay bhat
Source: Twitter @thetanmay

In an interview to a leading daily, Aamir was asked about his ‘violent’ comment. And he said:

”I’m aware that if you sign up for the Roast, you sign up to insult each other. But, in this case, even those who hadn’t signed up were being targeted, like Farida Jalal, Reema Lagoo and a beautiful, young girl I love dearly. The young girl whom I’ve known since she was a kid, was the butt of racist and sexist jokes. She did not even know that a live audience was watching this and couldn’t protect herself. That is unfair! This is what I meant when I described the show as “violent”. Films which depict violence are fictional but this young girl is real. So my reaction was more emotional than moralistic.

As I said, I have no moral issues with the use of expletives in content meant for adults. When we made Delhi Belly we were making a film which was meant for an adult certification. In P.K. I play an alien and they don’t wear clothes on his planet. For me, there’s no vulgarity in nudity. That is how we are born into this world.”

What do you think about Aamir’s comment?

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