10 Easy Things To Make When The Holi Hangover Is REALLY Kicking In!

Shreemi Verma , 05 Mar 2015
Friday Club Holi 2013
Friday Club Holi 2013

Holi is tomorrow! Yay! So we know you must have made all the preparations required to be absolutely colour-proof for tomorrow’s onslaught of rang and bhang but… are you prepared for the munchies that are out to get you? Are you? I don’t think you are. Especially if you’re still reading this. So check out the easiest things you can make (the night before Holi, which is tonight) to satisfy your hunger pangs when you’ve had a little too much bhang.

1) Chips and dip!

Chip and Dip
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The easiest one is Jamie Oliver‘s yogurt dip! All you have to do is cut up some mint leaves, garlic (finely of course, which is exactly why you should do it BEFORE you get high on bhang) and mix it all with yogurt. Add lemon juice to it and it’s ready! Just buy a big pack of chips and you’re sorted.

2) Bread Pizza.

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Just toast some bread, spread some nice cheese on it, add tomato puree (or that ready made pizza sauce you get in the stores). Keep some chopped veggies ready (like onions, capsicum, corn, mushroom or whatever floats your boat) add chicken if you want to and heat them up on a pan. Sprinkle grated cheese as a finishing touch and your bread pizza is ready to be placed inside your mouth.

3) Maggi!

Cheese Maggi
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You need no recipe for Maggi now, do you? If you want to make the Maggi snazzy, like I do, add cheese and stuff.

4) Bhel Puri.

bhel puri
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Get that bhel from any general store and mix it up with all the chutneys you can get your hands on! Add sev and puri to it and shorten your Holi celebrations so that you can come home early and eat!

5) PB&J Sandwiches!

PBJ sandwich
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Spread peanut better and jam on all the slices of bread you’d want to consume and become the happiest person in the world.

6) Rolls Made Of Leftovers.

veg roll
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Leftover roti and leftover dinner go rather well when rolled together. Add butter and ketchup if you’re the type who lives on the edge!

7) Omelette.

Source: Wikipedia.org

So easy, it’ll be insulting to explain how its made!

8) Scrambled Eggs!

scrambled egg
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Even easier to make than omelette.

9) Nutella Chapati.

Source: icampinmykitchen.com

As the name suggests, take a generous helping of Nutella and spread it on chapati! Add butter or pieces of banana if you wanna!

10) Salad!

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Salad is not food, I know that, but at least it’s easy and it can be kept in the fridge till you clean all that colour off and sit down to eat!

If nothing works, you can always dig into a tub of ice-cream or add hot water to readymade cup noodles (like we do at Team MissMalini on a regular basis)!

Happy Holi friends, be safe!

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