All Of India's Sons Need To Watch #IndiasDaughter.

Mishti Shirke , 05 Mar 2015
India's daughter | Documentary by BBC
India’s daughter | BBC Documentary Delhi Nirbhaya

You need to see this. Whether you’re a daughter, a sister, a mother, a girlfriend and MOST importantly if you’re a father, a son, a boyfriend or a brother. Drop everything you’re doing and watch. This kind of content was not intended to cause an uproar. On the contrary, this will help you decipher a lot of what happened on the fateful night of 16th December, 2012, when an innocent college student was brutally gang raped, murdered and left for dead. What makes this case different from the rest? Watch.

Jyoti Singh‘s parents acknowledged her case with the utmost courage. Though their daughter died an excruciating death, they spoke of her with pride. This video may very well acknowledge India’s current state (no, we don’t just blame Delhi – the supposed rape capital – for what happened) and though many may want to turn a blind eye towards this all – the fact remains. For change to occur, we need to acknowledge our current situation!

Take a minute to think about this. What are you going to do to make things safer for your baby girl, your wife or your sister? Start with your son.

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