NH10 team can rejoice, since the film has finally been cleared yesterday evening by the Censors!  Though there was some brouhaha around the cuss words and the onscreen violence in the film, it eventually worked out for producers Anushka Sharma, Eros and Phantom.

The film, which has been passed with an ‘A’ certificate, would release uncut with cuss words intact, except for a couple of places where beeps have been introduced.

Confirms a source:

That’s true. It is a major high for all involved as the film would have completely lost its essence had it been edited for its cuss words. NH10 is about a road-trip that Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam take, and how the antagonist Darshan Kumaar, who plays a local in the film, makes their life miserable. With a set up like this which is realistic, gritty, dark and yet entertaining, it couldn’t have taken a candy-floss route. We are glad that Censors saw that point as well and allowed it to be shown uncut. It is a victory for team NH10.

The film is all set to release on 13th February! Will you be watching?