Video Alert: Preity Zinta Slams Reporter For Asking Questions About Ness Wadia

Priyam Saha , 05 Mar 2015
Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta

As you know, last year, Preity Zinta and ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia were in the news when Preity reported a case against Ness for assault. Looks like the issue still continues to hound PZ, because, at a recent event, a journalist asked her how her relationship with ex-boyfriend and IPL team co-owner Ness will affect their team. Preity clearly didn’t appreciate the question. Here’s what went down…

Journalist: With the fallout between you and Ness…

Preity Zinta: Why do you have to ruin everything? Seriously, why do you have to ruin everything?

J: I just wanted to ask how do you plan to keep the team motivated without getting affected by it (the fallout)?

PZ: I think what’s happened off the ground has nothing to do with this. What happens on the ground is the game. I will really appreciate from the media not to, like, blow everything out and make a big deal. You’re a woman… being a woman you must appreciate that. Especially in this country, anything to do with a woman is torn apart and made terrible. I would really appreciate if you’re all little more elegant about this.

What has happened has happened, it’s already in one corner and the authorities are looking into it. So please! I don’t ask you about your things just because you’re on that side asking these questions. I would appreciate if you handle this with little more dignity and do not keep throwing these questions at me. Thank you.

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