10 Unintentionally Sexual Bollywood Songs!

Rashmi Daryanani , 09 Mar 2015
Samundar Mein Naha Ke
Samundar Mein Naha Ke

If there’s one thing we know in Bollywood, it’s how to phrase a good innuendo. After all, we’ve got kids, society and the Censor Board to worry about… so anyone who works in Bollywood knows how to be, um, subtle about sexuality. So subtle, actually, that you may not have noticed it. Here are 10 songs that are secretly probably sexual – the question is: did you realise it before?

1. Makhna

Mere pyar ka ras zara chakna. Yes. Pyar ka ras. Make of that what you will.

2. Mera Mann Dole

Gore tan pe pandra sola saal se
Maine isko rakha hai sambhaal ke
Tu chahe mujhko paana to ghar mere aajaana


3. Khada Hai

Khada hai, khada hai, khada hai.

I mean… do we need to even check out the rest of the lyrics?

4.Namak Isq Ka

Namak isq ka, pyar ka ras… same thing?

5. Samundar Mein Nahake

Samundar mein nahake aur bhi namkeen ho gayi ho. What is it with Bollywood and salt as sexual innuendos?

6. Khula Hai Mera Pinjra

Pinjra = cage. Just so you know.

7. Balam Pichkari

I don’t even think I need to explain this one.

8. Oonchi Hai Building

*Oonchihai building. Lift teri *bandh* hai. Kaise main *aaon* (as in, how do I come?)… #OKBYE

9. Kachchi Kaliyan Mat Todo

Kachchi kaliyaan mat todo maalan degi gaaliyaan. Translated, it means, “don’t pluck the flower buds, the gardener will abuse you.” Yes, they are literally talking about deflowering.

10. Accident Ho Gaya

I don’t even know what lyrics to pull out in this one. Dono jawani ki masti mein choor (we were both intoxicated in the euphoria of prime youth)? Hum do anadi, na dekha agaadi, na dekha pichaadi, patri pe daal di yeh dil ki gaadi (we novices didn’t look in front, didn’t look behind – and we put our love carriage on the tracks)? Tu benaqaab thi, mausam ki bhi kuch niyat kharaab thi (you were without any veil and the intentions of the weather were also shady)? The whole song is sexual!

Any other Bollywood songs that are secretly sexual? Tell us!

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