A Sexist Joke On International Women's Day? Irony Just Shot Itself In Its Face.

Shreemi Verma , 09 Mar 2015
Source: Giphy.com

Dear editor, in 2014 you lost a lot of credibility after the whole Deepika Padukonecleavage gate‘ incident happened. Then you shocked us even more with the cringeworthy response you gave when Deepika decided to call you out! Now in 2015, you’ve (intentionally or unintentionally?) dug your grave even deeper by putting up this grossly sexist ‘SMS Joke!

TOI Joke
Source: Twitter @SatanBhagat

We’re not saying you’ve put this joke up intentionally on International Women’s Day to irk 50% of the world’s population (no one in their right mind would want to anger women now, would they?). We’re just saying be more careful with your content! Just putting it out there. What are your thoughts?!

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