10 Reasons My Mother Loves The Internet! #ToGetHerOnline

MissMalini , 12 Mar 2015
MissMalini and Mommy
MissMalini and Mommy

I love Thursdays because they give me a legitimate reason to reminisce, scroll through my time-hop and post nostalgic #ThrowbackThursdays on Instagram… and today is especially awesome because I wanted to share a little something with you; about my MOM :) FYI, Google has kicked of a one-of-a-kind campaign #TogetherOnline. helping women get online – #ToGetHerOnline – get it?! So I thought it might be fun if I asked my mom why she loves the Internet so much and then maybe you’d like to share the wonders of the World Wide Web with a special lady (who isn’t online yet) in your life too? Here goes!

Share the power of the web with a woman in your life and help her discover more.

10 Reasons My Mother Loves The Internet!

I, Manjulika Agarwal, am 75 years old. In 2010 my eldest daughter Shalini Agarwal gave me a laptop. Before that I used to go to cyber cafés to send and receive emails from my children. I used to Skype, but being in the cyber café timing was always an issue. My evenings would be my daughter’s afternoons in London, so she decided to give me a laptop. I used to believe in letter writing but my children had no time to write letters, plus it used to take weeks before the letters came… this made me learn to use my computer. By trial and error I taught myself quite a lot!

1. Facebook!

I love Facebook very much. It has opened up a whole new world for me! I collect photos, make friends and chat with relatives. I can see what they post or comment on their posts too. I’ve even joined some fun groups!


2. YouTube.

YouTube I like because I can watch movies, songs and some TV serials I might have missed. I even get all the news about films and other personalities. I love watching videos. Dance, magic shows, difficult feats accomplished by children and adults. Some animal wild life videos posted too. Even fashion shows, cooking shows and more… like MissMalini‘s wedding video!

3. It Makes Her Feel Young :)

Now the Internet has become part of my life. I feel lost with out it. I type with one finger but very fast and people are surprised when they find out. People my age don’t know anything about computers, but I feel young being part of this generation that cannot do without technology!

Manjulika Agarwal
Manjulika Agarwal

4. It Helps Her Find Stuff, (Mostly!)

Google I’m getting better at. When I go searching for something. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. But I can find my answers in seconds. No flipping through pages and pages of a book!


5. It’s Neater.

Before the Internet, when writing letters by hand was the norm; if one made a mistake and the word was scratched out the letter would end up looking ugly. Or you’d have to rewrite the whole thing. Now you just delete your mistakes and carry on!

6. She’s Email Neutral.

I’ve had Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook to choose from.

In fact, she’s recently even installed her own email stationary!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.46.47 pm

7. Family Face Time.

I’m able to get in touch with my family very quickly through Skpye and I can see all their lovely faces!

Family Skype session
Family Skype session

8. It’s Nostalgic.

It’s wonderful collecting photos and seeing them at a click of a button. Earlier I had to keep albums and the pictures didn’t always survive the test of time… now voila – Internet!

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.20.29 pm

9. It Makes The World A Smaller Place.

People from all over the world can post interesting articles, inventions, discuss social issues etc which might take time to come out in print media. The Internet gives us all that, much sooner. With the Internet at my disposal I feel the world is at my feet!

10. It’s Like Her New BFF!

The Internet has become an integral part of my life. Now I cannot live with out it. It has become my best friend.


So there you have it, 10 amazing reasons my mother loves the Internet (isn’t she the cutest?!) Now don’t you think it’s about time you introduced your mummy, nani, dadi, mausi to the world wide web? Go on, get #TogetherOnline! xoxo

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