This Indian Model Celebrated Her Birthday And It Was As Stylish As You Would Expect!

Anushka Mulchandani , 12 Mar 2015
Mugdha Godse
Manish Malhotra
Dipti Gujral
Candice Pinto
Aanchal Kumar & Candice Pinto
Nandita Mahtani, Rocky Star
Candice Pinto, Sucheta Sharma

Happy birthday Candice Pinto! The model celebrated her birthday at Olive last night and of course all her fashion friends showed up to party with her. Clearly she’s a very pro-birthday girl (unlike a few people I know), because she posted a very excited picture on her Instagram yesterday. Take a look…

Source: Instagram | @NinjaPinto
Source: Instagram | @NinjaPinto

Haha, cute right? Amongst the attendees was the entire model brigade from Mugdha Godse and Sucheta Sharma to Dipti Gujral and Aanchal Kumar. Of course Manish Malhotra, Rocky Star and Nandita Mahtani were present too! And before you even ask, yes, they all came out very fashionably put together – staying true to what they stand for (which we love!) Don’t forget to click through our gallery to see what everyone was wearing and take a look at the group-fie they took…

Candice Pinto's Birthday Party
Candice Pinto’s Birthday Party

We hope you’re having a fantastic day Candice :)

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