5 Times Nimrat Kaur Made Us Fall In Love With Her!

Shreemi Verma , 13 Mar 2015
Source: @nimratofficial
Source: @nimratofficial

It’s Nimrat Kaur‘s birthday today! On this amazing day, we’ve decided to list down the top 5 times this lady has made us fall head over heels in love with her. Actually if we start counting the times she’s been AMAZING, then this list will never end, so let’s just stick to five!

1) Tera Mera Pyar!

Oh God, this song gives me so many FEELS! I just can’t! I recently heard it again because of this post the wonderful Aayushi from Team MissMalini wrote. Now I want to listen to Tera Mera Pyar in the shower, while going to work, in the office, on my way back home and before I go to sleep. Thanks Nimrat, or actually no thanks.

2) This wonderful Titan Ad!

#HerLifeHerChoices is one of the best advertisement campaigns we’ve seen. Nimrat made our inner feminists dance!

3) The Lunchbox.

Nimrat Kaur in The Lunchbox
Nimrat Kaur

I don’t think I need to elaborate on how wonderful, special and heartwarming The Lunchbox is. All I want to say is thank you Nimrat and everyone involved in this masterpiece!

4) Homeland!

Nimrat Kaur
Source: Tumblr.com

Tasneem Qureshi kicks Carrie Mathison‘s ass. Hands down.

5) This super-adorable Cadbury Ad!

She made devouring a Cadbury Dairy Milk the best thing one can do with their partners while it’s snowing! She has a point though.

Happy Birthday Nimrat! We *heart* you!

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