Is NH10 About Honour Killing? The Director Speaks Up

Joginder Tuteja , 13 Mar 2015

That NH10 is a gritty dark drama is a known fact. Also, it has its fair share of violence and cuss words. However, there is also a bit of shocking element to the Anushka Sharma starrer as well, and that is about honor killing playing a major role in the narrative of this Navdeep Singh directed film.

Our source says:

Though this angle was intentionally kept far away from the promotion of the film, honor killing is integral to the film’s plot. The film is set in Delhi-Gurgaon and it is a known fact that honour killing is prevalent in this region. In the film, this issue is explored as well.

However, the makers are still not shouting out on the rooftops about this, and insist that honor killing is just on the periphery in this action affair which has Darshan Kumaar playing the antagonist.

Says Navdeep:

Well, honor killing is there in the film but then it is not the core of it. It is one of the events that comes in the narrative of the film.

Navdeep continues to push forth the point that the film is mainly about a couple, played by Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam, and what the horrific times they go through in their road trip.

Still, one wonders though whether just the inclusion of a concept as sensitive as honor killing was tough to film.

Navdeep quips:

No, it was not a worrisome factor. Even our writer was not personally concerned, though I don’t know whether it was the producer’s concern or not. In any case, we have treated the entire episode quite realistically and honestly. I don’t see why anyone would have any reason to complain.

Well, with the film running in theaters now, we guess the audience is all set to share its verdict soon. Stay tuned!

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